Invitation to join the Society

The Society needs new members. This page summarises the main benefits of membership, and provides a link to our page which actually says how to join.

The cost of membership is £15 for all members, and attending our meetings is free.

Some reasons to join us

There are plenty of reasons that might appeal to you to join us

  • As a Society which meets every month in Isleworth we provide a meeting forum where you will find like-minded souls with a common interest. We don't require you to join just to attend a meeting or two. Why not come along, talk to some of us, and see if you like the atmosphere.

  • At these meetings we usually have a guest speaker. Check out our Meetings page, to see the topics coming up soon. We also bring to these meetings some of our current bookstall, which consists of books about our area, and a number of family history journals which are part of our Journal Exchange Programme.

  • We invest considerable effort to produce a quality Family History Journal, which is properly introduced on the Journals page. As a member, in the UK, or abroad, you will be mailed each issue of the Journal as we publish it. In 2015 the committee decided that copies of the Journal over 1 year old can be made available to all, through this website, which also means you can see for yourself what our journal looks like. Here's the page which leads into our 4 journals for the year 2013, with the index, just as an example.

  • A final word on journals. We are also starting out on a programme to share journals with more FHS based on electronic access. For us, we can do this at zero cost. For you, you may get access to some far away places that make a difference to you. The full picture on accessing other societies' journals can be seen from the Journals Access page.

  • And we have discounts. Just one at the moment, but it's a good one. Right now any member of the Society can obtain a 15% discount on any subscription to Find My Past. Details of how to obtain the discount are provided starting from our Members Area.

  • The Members Area is also the starting point for accessing a lot of data previously indexed by our members. See the Data Searches page for more on this. We let anyone do a Summary Search, which is like a summary search at Find My Past or Ancestry Co. It only becomes a 'members only' search when you try to do a specific search on Baptisms, Burials, Memorial Inscriptions, or whatever.

  • There may be times when you just want to do a particular lookup on Find My Past or Ancestry, but you are not subscribed. We have a few members who are always subscribed, and they will undertake a definite search for you.

  • A further benefit, which is not exclusive to our membership, but illustrates very well what we are about, is that we run monthly Individual Advice Sessions at Feltham Library which are primarily aimed at those who need some help to get started.

While some of the above benefits relate to being able to meet with us in Isleworth, the fact is that the majority of our members do not live in Middlesex. Many live in very far away places, but maintain their interest in West Middlesex due to where their ancestors lived. You do not have to be a local to enjoy many of our benefits.

For those who do live in West Middlesex, and can attend our meetings, there will be opportunities to contribute to the running of the Society. The society is run by an Executive Committee, for which we are continually seeking volunteers to join us. We also have many roles such as librarian, journal editor, programme coordinator, bookstall manager, projects coordinator and archivist, that are all performed by volunteers. But we need to keep welcoming new members to the Society, who may be able to take on these positions in a few years time.

Joining instructions are simple enough. It's all included on our How to join the Society page. Hope to see you soon.

Society news

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 20th February 2020 at St. John's Centre, Isleworth. Doors open at 7.15 pm. The focus of the meeting will be a talk by Julian Pooley titled Who Do You Think They Were? - Discovering the lives and experiences of our ancestors.

Next Fair

The fairs season for 2019 is over. The next fair we will be attending is in 2020. For more information please see the Fairs page.

Next Advice Session

Our next Advice Session will be held at Feltham Library on Saturday 18th January from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. These sessions need to be booked. See the Advice page.

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