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The status as of December 2021 is that St. John's Centre is now available for our meetings. See the prgramme that follows. January will be a local only meeting. Meetings from February onwards will be hybrid with local and Zoom attendance being supported. The programme will make clear if the speaker is delivering their talk from St. John's or not.

The Zoom process continues to be that attendees must first register (once) using the Start Zoom link, and then when the meeting starts they should use the link again to join the actual meeting.

To be sure that you are reminded of the meeting on the day of the meeting it is recommended that you send an email to the Secretary requesting that you receive invitations to each meeting until further notice.

On meeting days the meeting room will be open from 7:30 pm. Select the Start Zoom link as before, where the information you previously entered will be recalled, together with the link to actually join the meeting. Select that and you will be joined. The meeting proper will start at about 7:45 pm when the chairman will make any announcements, and take any general questions from members. The talk will begin shortly after, and with questions is scheduled to last for one hour, after which the meeting will close. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your home, or at the St. John's Centre. Non-members are welcome to our meetings.

Since October 2021 we have been recording the talks from our Zoom meetings providing the speaker has consented, so that any member who could not attend the actual meeting may none-the-less at least play back the talk itself. To see and hear the last talk, please go to the Meetings Playback page.

The common link for attending our Zoom meetings

This is the common link which takes you to meeting registration and then to the meeting itself, for all meetings: Start Zoom.

This is the current programme:

Date Title & Synopsis Speaker
16 December 2021
Zoom only meeting
will not be recorded
Humour in Genealogy
A light-hearted walk through a variety of genealogical records, reinforcing the value of scrutinising original documents.
Chris Broom
20 January 2022
St. John's Centre only meeting
Help, my Ancestor has vanished
Based on many years' experience Simon’s talk considers why people disappear from the records, and ways that you can overcome these problems.
Simon Fowler
17 February 2022
St.John's meeting, speaker is remote
My Ancestor didn't leave a will. Well - they should have done!
Have you seen the TV programme 'Heir Hunters'? John guides us through probate records and what they can tell us.
John Hanson
17 March 2022
St.John's meeting, speaker is remote
Annie Besant and The Match Girls Strike 1888
Young women and girls, many employees in the matchmaking industry in the 19th century, worked in appalling conditions. Social activist, Annie Besant, played a significant part in changing their situation for the better.
Jeffrey Page
21 April 2022
St.John's meeting, speaker is remote
Understanding a Birth Certificate - How difficult can it be?
Have you ever really looked at a birth certificate? A familiar document but do we take these crucial records for granted. This in-depth explanation of the rules and regulations surrounding the registration of this important life event, including hints and tips for effective index searching, will help track down those missing ancestors.
Antony Marr

Reciprocal arrangements with Hillingdon FHS and East Surrey FHS

With Zoom meetings now proving very popular with FHS members we have made an open invitation to members of Hillingdon FHS and East Surrey FHS to freely join any of our Zoom meetings, and both societies have reciprocated.

To see Hillingdon's talks programme follow this link. If you wish to attend any of their meetings please send an email to expressing your interest, and they will gladly put you on their list of invitees to attend future talks.

To see East Surrey's programme of virtual meetings see this link, where you will see specific links to register for any of their virtual talks.

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The Notice Board was last updated on 29th November 2021.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is a Zoom meeting to be held on Thursday 16th December 2021. The focus of the meeting will be a talk by Chris Broom titled Humour in Genealogy.

Next Fair

None scheduled at present.

Next Advice Session

Advice sessions run at Feltham Library have had to be suspended, but advice may be requested by email. See the Advice page.

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