West Middlesex FHS Journal, Volume 39 (2021)

This page provides a summary of the articles which appeared in our journals of 2021. The last four published journals may only be viewed by Society members or our Exchange Journal partners using Our Recent Journals page, which is password protected.

Monthly Talks - Yvonne Masson and Roland Bostock
Notes on the talks given at three recent meetings: Francis Howcutt on Finding people and working out the true story (November), Gill Thomas on One Street Studies (November); Christmas get-together (December); David Bell on The Plage Doctor (January).
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 6-12 (March 2021)

The Boscher Family and Bellevue House in Twickenham - Jeff Allen
Jeff's partner, Susan, is great grand-daughter of one Edward Charles Boscher (the third), an artist who lived for a time at Bellevue House, Twickenham. Jeff provides a full account of several generations of Boschers who lived in Twickenham.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 13-16 (March 2021)

Extract from the WMFHS Poor Law Records - Roland Bostock
Roland is currently engaged transcribing Poor Law records of our area. He reproduces a taster of what these records contain, all of human life is here.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 17 (March 2021)

The West London Local History Conference 2020 - Yvonne Masson
Theme of the conference was Celebrations and Commemorations. Yvonne provides a summary of two talks from the conference: James Wisdom on An Aristocratic Funeral - the mourning and burial of Sir John Maynard of Gunnersbury in 1690; and Keith Whitehouse on Come to the White City - the exhibitions at Shepherd's Bush 1908-1914.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 18-20 (March 2021)

One thing leads to another ... - Muriel Sprott
Muriel, with John Seaman and Margaret Cunnew sets out to find out why there are some Dutch soldiers' graves in Twickenham Cemetery, which led to discovering an obelisk...
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 21-22 (March 2021)

The Eileen Stage Coastguard Index - Sarah Minney
Sarah had noted that last September's talk by Mia Bennett included mention of The Coastguard Index created and nurtured over many years by Eileen Stage. Sarah tells how the index was created, what it contains, and where it may be found now.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 23-24 (March 2021)

From our Webmaster - Roland Bostock
Roland provides a brief overview of the most recent changes to our website.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 26 (March 2021)

My personal King of Scots? - Yvonne Masson
Yvonne shares that her husband George had a DNA test a few months back, and it seemed to indicate that from his mother's ancestry he could be descended from none other than Robert the Bruce as one of his many 21st great grandsons.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 39(1) 28 (March 2021)

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