West Middlesex FHS Journal, Volume 25 (2007)

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L/Cpl Warne on Active Service - The Sequel - Roy Hewitt
A postscript to the talk that Roy gave to the Society in January 2006, concerning a set of postcards from the First World War, written by a soldier, Cecil E. Warne. The article describes further research carried out by Roy and friends, including the discovery of what finally became of Cecil and his wife Dorothy.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 11-13 (March 2007)

Did you Ancestors use a Secret Code? - Celia Strachan
An account of the author's grandfather, George Clifton Brown and his drapery business, "Clifton Brown" at 10-11 High Street, Southall in the first quarter of the 20th century. The article also includes the author's reminiscences from working in the drapers later managed by her father, and describes a 'pigpen cipher' used to record wholesale prices without revealing them to customers, as well as verbal code used for discrete communications between members of the shop staff.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 14-16 (March 2007)

Powder Mill Explosion
An article reproduced from the Essex Chronicle of 12 March 1850, describing a major explosion that took place near Hounslow and which left at least seven dead.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 17-18 (March 2007)

Boer War Letters - Mavis Sibley
An example of a letter written from a staff officer in the South Africa in January 1900 prior to the relief of Ladysmith. The items includes a list of other letters in the possession of the author and extracted from local newspapers, all from men serving in the Boer War.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 18-20 (March 2007)

Coal Miners in Gloucestershire - You Must be Joking - Andrew Gardner
A short article on how the revelation that the author's ancestors included coal miners in the Forest of Dean started him on the family history trail....
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 21 (March 2007)

William Wooster Yeoman of Aylesbury c1540-c1613 - John Wooster
A detailed account of the research that has permitted the reconstruction of the life and times of William Wooster, his wife Joan and their family in Tudor Buckinghamshire.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 23-26 (March 2007)

Various requests for help in family history research.

West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(1) 28-30 (March 2007)

The Kensington Mushroom Mystery - Stephen Lally
An account of the author's efforts to determine the location of his ancestor's mushroom farm in the area that is now the home of High Street Kensington station and the Barkers store.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(2) 15-17 (June 2007)

Three Stovold Families in Fulham (or just one?) - Alan Dearman
A record of researches into families in Fulham in the nineteenth century with the name Stovold, including George Stovold (1788?-1859), master of the Fulham Union workhouse, formerly a gardener, born in Farnham.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(2) 17-20 (June 2007)

The Story of a Family Dispute - Malcolm Heywood
This article focusses on the Cooper family from Shropshire, Westminster and Harmondsworth. John Cartwright Cooper was cut out of his father John's will in 1843 "because I think he has by his conduct forfeited all his claims upon me". However by the time of his death in 1850, the father had softened towards his sone and left him an equal share in trust with his siblings of the residuary estate. However the following year, John Cartwright Cooper petitioned the Court of Chancery, naming most of the rest of his family as defendants, with a complaint, among others, against his mother for failing in her duties as trustee. Drawing upon family papers, letters and other sources, the author assembles at tale of how circumstances unfolded in the years that followed.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(2) 21-26 (June 2007)

Ancestors Who Were Victims Of Crime - William Wild
A short account of ancestors whose names were discovered through the indexes to the proceedings of the Old Bailey website.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(2) 27-28 (June 2007)

Our Good Friend Google - P.A. Williamson
A note of how the well-known search engine led to the discovery of details of the "New Hampton Court Club" in the early 20th century and its connections with Tagg's Island on the Thames.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(2) 30-31 (June 2007)

Various requests for help in family history research.

West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(2) 31-32 (June 2007)

A Silent Old Soldier - James Marshall
An account of the part played by the author's ancestor, James Marshall (1857-1930) in the defence of Rorke's Drift in 1879, and how this was brought to light.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(3) 10-15 (September 2007)

Ancestral Crime and Punishment - Brian E. Dowden
A sequel to William Wild's article in the June 2007 issue, the article presents an account of crimes discovered to have been committed by the author's ancestors, Ralph Dowden (in 1788) and James Dowden (in 1820). Ralph was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for stealing sacks, while James was transported to New South Wales for stealing poultry, where he committed further crimes as a 'notorious bush ranger' and was hanged in 1822.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(3) 16-20 (September 2007)

The Disproving of a Family Myth - Margaret Watson
An account of how the author set about confirming the identity and relationships of the family of her ancestor, James Wright, of Kirkcaldy, from an early photograph and papers that she inherited.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(3) 20-26 (September 2007)

George Wilfred Barnett - Janet C. Biggs
An account of the author's researches in Fulham to identify here grandfather, George Wilfred - otherwise Wilfrid George - Barnett from the fragments of information received from surviving family members.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(3) 26-28 (September 2007)

Family History On-line in Ealing Libraries - Jonathan Oates
A summary of some of the important sources available at Ealing's local studies library for on-line searching, including indexes to The Times, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Old Bailey trials 1678-1834, and Ealing street directories.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(4) 11-12 (December 2007)

Who was "Her Affectionate Aunt Annie"? - Neal Meeks
An account of the author's research into his family, prompted by entries in a family Bible. The "affectionate Aunt Annie" mentioned gave the Bible to the author's grandmother Emily Thorne on the occasion of her 21st birthday in 1888. Annie was recorded as having died in New Zealand in 1899. The story describes how she was identified as Annie Seekings, sister of Emily's mother Mary, using Internet indexes and message boards.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(4) 13-14 (December 2007)

A Very Robust Family - Margaret Watson
An substantial article, including many portraits, relating to the Barnett family in Shifnal, Shropshire from the mid-nineteenth century. Compiled from extensive family reminiscences, correspondence and photographs, the article describes the lives of ten siblings of the Barnett family, one of whom, Archibald, was the author's grandfather and later lived in Ealing.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(4) 15-24 (December 2007)

Various requests for help in family history research.

West Middlesex FHS Journal 25(4) 24-25 (December 2007)

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