West Middlesex FHS Journal, Volume 20 (2002)

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Arthur Gunter's Memoirs - Part II - Arthur Gunter
Continuing the memoirs of Arthur Gunter, who grew up in 19th century Staines, Middlesex before emigrating to Australia; conveyed to us by his great granddaughter, Mardi Harrison.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(1) 15-22 (March 2002)

The Search for GUIDON Ancestors - Brian Dowden
Were they Huguenot refugees or economic migrants?
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(1) 24-30 (March 2002)

The Search for Great Uncle Walter - E A Feaver
The story around the author's great aunt Rosina and her marriage to Walter Dorrell at Hampton in 1903.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(1) 31-32 (March 2002)

Family History and Ealing Local History Centre - Jonathan Oates
The principal sources for family history that are available at the Ealing Local History Centre.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(1) 32-34 (March 2002)

Was Your Ancestor an Officer at the Middlesex Industrial School? - Peter Watson
The Middlesex Industrial School (MIS) was opened in 1859 to receive boys convicted by juvenile courts across London. Up to 800 inmates could be accommodated at any one time. Many of the officers were from a military background, but there were also teachers, cooks and various instructors and tradesmen. Includes details of surviving sources and their location.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(2) 14-23 (June 2002)

A Sad Tale of Edwardian Fulham - Geraldine McGrath
Discovering the background to the deaths in 1907/08 of James and Maria Rudling of Lintaine Grove, Fulham (now within Normand Park).
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(2) 31-33 (June 2002)

The 2002 West London Local History Conference
Notes on the 2002 conference on the general topic of 'Gardens of West London', which took place on March 9th at Montague Hall.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(2) 38-41 (June 2002)

Elizabeth Johnston and the Hibernian Seducer - Colleen Newton
Elizabeth Johnston, the eldest daughter of Robert Johnston, a merchant, lived in Brompton, Middlesex until her death in May 1784. A slightly disguised account of her tragi-comic liaison with Charles Coote, 1st Earl of Bellamont was published in Town and Country magazine in 1786 and this is repeated in the Journal.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(3) 8-13 (September 2002)

Thomas Herbert Waters - Jill Bennett
The author's grandfather, Thomas Herbert Waters, was born at Battersea, the first of 22 children born to his father, who married twice and had eleven children by each wife. An account of the effect on him of army service during the First World War.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(3) 16-17 (September 2002)

Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace - Bridget Purr
A brief history of a royal chapel and details of the names of those associated with Hampton Court Palace who lost their lives in the two World Wars that are inscribed on two wooden panels in the chapel.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(3) 18-20 (September 2002)

The Queen's Bench Prison - Valerie Walker
Notes on the surviving census records for the Queen's (Bench) Prison in Southwark.

West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(3) 22-23 (September 2002)

The Charles Booth Online Archive
The Charles Booth Online Archive provides free access to a new, detailed online catalogue of materials relating to Booth's survey into life and labour in London (1886-1903). This article gives further information on Charles Booth and the information available on-line.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(3) 24-25 (September 2002)

A Potpourri of Ancestors - Peter Jennings
Episodes from the lives of the author's ancestors, including: The Hod-Carriers (1873-1921), Life with the Sister-in-Law (1872-1916) and Unmarried Mothers (1789-1863 and 1811-1851)
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 13-19 (December 2002)

Well Suited! - Colin Bower
Update on the article in the December 2000 journal "By George, We Come from Fulham!"
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 20-22 (December 2002)

Protestant Dissenters in Harmondsworth - William Wild
The contents of a document long held in the Wild family, who for several centuries farmed land which now lies under Heathrow Airport.

West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 22 (December 2002)

My Ancestor was a Lunatic - Muriel Sprott
Using lunatic asylum / mental hospital records (e.g. Middlesex Lunatic Asylum records at London Metropolitan Archives).
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 23-24 (December 2002)

Finding Mistakes in the Records - Shirley Barnes
Some examples from the author's research.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 25 (December 2002)

Servants in the Census - Lewis Orton
A resumé of one of the short talks given at our August 2002 Members evening.
The inhabitants of Osterley Park as recorded in the census returns.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 27-29 (December 2002)

Middlesex Registrars in 1837
A list of registrars for Middlesex in an 1837 directory.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 20(4) 29-31 (December 2002)

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