West Middlesex FHS Journal, Volume 19 (2001)

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Smith, Ricketts and Shepherd, to say nothing of Cain - Patrick Cain
A family history involving emigration to Queensland, Australia in 1883 - 1910.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(1) 12-16 (March 2001)

Convict Turned Constable - Peter Lee
A remarkable sequence of events in Harmondsworth and New South Wales 200 years ago.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(1) 20-22 (March 2001)

House of Lords Record Office
What's there and how to access it.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(1) 25 (March 2001)

You Dare, Mr Livingstone - Roger Gammon
A happy discovery about a forebear - and how the Mayor of London (Ken Livingstone) fits in!
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(1) 26-27 (March 2001)

Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Two Mysterious Family Stories - Janice Chinnery
Who was 'Granny Smith of Aberdeen'?
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(2) 17-20 (June 2001)

One of Those Problem Families - Richard Parkinson
The trials of trying to trace your family history when there are no relatives to ask and you can't find your mother's birth certificate!
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(2) 26-27 (June 2001)

West London Local History Conference
A brief summary of six talks on the theme 'Images of West London' West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(2) 30 (June 2001)

A Study of the Parish of Harmondsworth - William Wild
Harmondsworth is the most westerly parish in Middlesex and borders on the county of Buckinghamshire. This article touches on a few aspect of the history of the parish since 1066, including the laws and customs of the manor, the Great Barn, the Enclosure Award of 1819, the Turnpike Trust and the location of the original Ordnance Survey base line.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(3) 8-13 (September 2001) and 19(4)10-16 (December 2001)

Protestation Return for Harmondsworth - Peter Lee
A transcript from the original return at the House of Lords Record Office (HLRO 27 February 1641/2) listing 120 men of the parish.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(3) 14 (September 2001)

Arthur Gunter's Memoirs - Arthur Gunter
An account of a life in Staines circa 1870.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(3) 21-25 (September 2001)

Bridget Purr's Diary - Bridget Purr
The Society's activities at the Society of Genealogists Family History Fair.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(3) 26-28 (September 2001)

High Bridge and Ravenscourt Rowing Clubs - Jacqueline Finesilver
These rowing clubs were described in the June 2000 issue. A list of (some) members during the period 1903-09 taken from the West London Observer.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(3) 33 (September 2001)

Adventure in Hounslow, or Why Didn't I Ask Before? - June Wellington
Who were the kind Hounslow couple who took charge of a lone, stranded six year-old that day in 1934?
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(4) 21-23 (December 2001)

Forward to the Past - Robin Purr
A brief summary of the eponymous conference held at Imperial College London in September 2001. West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(4) 24-26 (December 2001)

In Memoriam - Two Teddington Lads - Jean Gale
Why the author's family did not wear poppies at the beginning of November.
Finding the facts behind a family's tragedy: an account of the deaths of Pte Richard READWIN 1st/8th Bn. Middlesex Regt. (ca. 6 Oct 1916) and Pte George Henry READWIN, 12th Bn. Royal Fusiliers (ca. 3 Aug 1917).
West Middlesex FHS Journal 19(4) 27-30 (December 2001)

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