West Middlesex FHS Journal, Volume 17 (1999)

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Magical Heathrow - Lesley Bairstow
Margaret Potter (nee Whittington) of Heathrow (1916-1997) - a brief account of her life
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(1) 13-18 (March 1999)

Who Was Aunt Patty? - Patricia Rudkin
A search for a mysterious relative
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(1) 19-20 (March 1999)

Catholic Marriage Index - Anthony R J S Adolph
Description of the index created by the late Fr Godfrey Anstruther O.P. and now held by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Canterbury
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(1) 20-21 (March 1999) and 17(2) 24-25 (June 1999)

Real People in our Nursery Rhymes? - Yvonne Masson
How many of the nursery rhyme characters might be based on real people? - some examples.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(1) 23-26 (March 1999)

Behind the Scenes at the London Metropolitan Archives - Antonia Davis
An account of a postgraduate work placement.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(2) 7-12 (June 1999)

Great Aunt Emily was a Bluecoat Girl - E June Lines
Why did she go there?
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(2) 15-16 (June 1999)

Alfred Ridler: Greenkeeper, Verger, Survivor - Pat Manning
An account of his life (1882-1971) derived from his two journals from his upbringing in the Fulham/Hammersmith area, through military service in the Boer and First World Wars, to work at Blackheath Sports Ground and service as church verger in retirement.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(2) 17-21 (June 1999)

Nineteenth West London Local History Conference - Ted Dunstall
"Connecting West London": Newspapers; Telecommunications; Cable Technology; New London Transport Museum; Heston: London's First Private Airport.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(2) 25-26 (June 1999)

There's No Fun Like Work! - Peter Roe
Frederick Roe (b.1870) - City of London Undertaker - some incidents from his life and work.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(3) 6-10 (September 1999)

Some Hounslow / Brentford Tenants - Ann Carter
Tenants mentioned in the will of James Ellis (7 Feb 1885) occupying premises in Hibernia Road, Inverness Road, Ordnance Road, Ordnance Place and Brentford End.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(3) 13-14 (September 1999)

It Was a Very Strange Experience - Mavis Burton
How discovering four pages of handwritten notes written by her grandfather during the First World War led to the author discovering that her "London" family had come from Birmingham, Okehampton, Deal, Bury St Edmunds etc.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(3) 15 (September 1999)

Who was G.M.F.? - Ron Phelps
Why did the author's maternal grandfather use different names? George Money Fermor aka George Fermor Money Freeman.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(3) 20-21 (September 1999)

Emigrating to Australia in the 1850s - Joan Scrivener
An 1853 letter from John Finch on his experience on arriving as an immigrant at Melbourne, Australia.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(3) 25-26 (September 1999)

Murder and Suicide at Isleworth - Mary Wallace-Sims.
The events of 14 June 1865 at Worton Road Isleworth.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 7-8 (December 1999)

William Who? - Beth Hancock
An ancestor traced through the records the London Foundling Hospital/Thomas Coram Foundation.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 9-10 (December 1999)

We Are Tomorrow's Ancestors - Peter Roe
A plea for you to make a millennium resolution to leave a full and clear record of your daily life, main events and family history research for the benefit of future generations.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 13 (December 1999)

Staines Union Workhouse in 1881
An analysis of the 330 inhabitants drawn from the 1881 Census Index on CD-ROM.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 14-15 (December 1999)

Robert and Delilah - Pat Manning.
Seeking a link between RIDLERs in London (Metropolitan West Middlesex) and in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 24-26 (December 1999)

Problems of Census Indexing
Why it is that indexes to the Censuses are inaccurate.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 27 (December 1999)

An Ordinary Family
A Twickenham family (surname Darling) since 1817.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 17(4) 28-30 (December 1999)

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