West Middlesex FHS Journal, Volume 16 (1998)

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An Insurance Document Starts a History Trail - E June Lines
An account of how information on the Atkins family prior to 1937 was discovered from an arbitration award relating to a life insurance claim.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(1) 13-15 (March 1998)

Extract from The Times of 14 February 1835
A notice complaining of hooligan "huntsmen" causing damage to property in the parishes of Hayes, Southall, Heston, Isleworth, Twickenham, Hanworth, Feltham, Bedfont, Harmondsworth, Harlington, Cranford, Northolt, West End, Greenford, Hanwell and Ealing and signed by 54 individuals whose names are listed.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(1) 15-16 (March 1998)

A History of the Wild and Weekly Families in Harmondsworth 1600-1950 - William Wild
A narrative family history of two important families of Harmondsworth, MDX, based upon an extensive archive of documents passed down to the author. The first part deals with the Weekly family and the second part deals with the Wild family.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 15(4) 17-23 (December 1997) and 16(1) 21-30 (March 1998)

The Value of a Post Office Saving Bank Book - Joan Scrivener
How a Post Office Savings Bank book provided information on Thomas Everard Scrivener's movements between 1891 and 1909.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(1) 32 (March 1998)

Peabody Buildings, Lawrence Street, Chelsea - Lesley Bairstow
An account of a building and some of its occupants.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(2) 6-11 (June 1998)

The Eighteenth West London Local History Conference: "Liquid History - The Thames in West London"
A summary of the conference proceedings.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(2) 23-24 (June 1998)

A Bit of Chiswick History - Mary King
A list of surnames associated with the rebuilding of Chiswick Vicarage (1657-8).
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(2) 28 (June 1998)

A Baker's Century - Pat Manning
An account of Richard Birch, Baker of Norwood Middx, his wife Elizabeth Stratford and their descendants (1801-1912). Photos of The Wolf, The Lamb and The Plough public houses Norwood Green, the almshouses at Norwood, the church of St Mary the Virgin, Norwood Green, and the Post Office, Norwood Green.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(3) 13-20 (September 1998)

New Mormon Temple - Janet Hagger
A description of a visit to the Latter-day Saints Temple at Chorley, Lancs prior to its dedication.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(3) 21 (September 1998)

Childhood Between the Wars - Ruby Bristow
Growing up in London in the 1930s.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(3) 22-23 (September 1998)

Is this One in a Million? - Ann Carter
How the author found her maternal great-grandparents by chance while transcribing the 1891 Census for Fulham.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(3) 24 (September 1998)

A Fulham Family - David Childs
The MATYEAR family of Fulham market gardeners (1732-1910)
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(3) 27-31 (September 1998)

With Full Military Honours - Bridget Purr
An account of the author's involvement with identifying the family of Private Frank KING who had once lived in her house and was one of 27 British soldiers killed in the Battle of Arras in 1917 and whose bodies were recently discovered and reburied with full military honours.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(4) 8-11 (December 1998)

Harmondsworth Churchwardens' Accounts 1785-1864 - Peter Lee
Concerning the building of a "Strong House for the Reception of felons and Other Disorderly Persons" in 1791-3. Also, the purchase of a bell in 1794-5 and payments for killing vermin.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(4) 12-13 (December 1998)

The Soldier's Return Public House, Ickenham - Antonia Davis
A brief history of the building and its occupants
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(4) 13-14 (December 1998)

Family History, the Society and the Internet - David Childs
About the early version of this Web site
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(4) 18-21 (December 1998)

Berkshire Overseers' Papers 1654-1834 - ed Peter Durrant (Berkshire Record Society 1997)
Includes some West Middlesex strays.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 16(4) 27-29 (December 1998)

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