West Middlesex FHS Journal Volume 13 (1995)

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Gunpowder Industry - Yvonne Woodbridge
Yvonne gives the history of how gunpowder was manufactured at a site n the River Crane on Hounslow Heath
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(1) 11-14 (March 1995)

Courtship on Hammersmith Bridge - Ruth Bagnall
Ruth passes on stories from her mother's generation, starting with her mother's courtship which took place mosttly on Hammersmith Bridge.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(1) 15-16 (March 1995)

Trouble with Christian Names - Vic Rosewarne
Vic gives a detailed account of inconsistencies in recording Christian names, with many expamples from his own family history
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(1) 23-26 (March 1995)

World War I Soldiers Index - Grace Bevan
Grace describes an index she is creating of all World War I soldiers who have a connection with our area
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(1) 27-28 (March 1995)

Naval Recruiting - 1795 style - Peter Lee
Peter describes a meeting held in Harmondsworth in 1795, the purpose of which was to recruit one member of the community to serve in the Navy forthwith
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(2) 7-8 (June 1995)

Charles Dickens and his local connections - Douglas Rust
This is a detailed account of local families who had strong connections with Dickens - in particular the Mittons family
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(2) 11-18 (June 1995)

The night they bombed my Dad's garage - Peter Roe
Peter describes his father's activities during World War II, when he was a fire watcher in Chiswick, and usually slept in his garage. Fortunately he was not there in 1944 when his garage was bombed. West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(2) 21-25 (June 1995)

Malcolm Cottages: A Mystery Solved - Peter Jennings
Having appealed for help to identify the location of Malcolm Cottages in an earlier Journal, Peter outlines how he came to find the answer West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(3) 7-9 (September 1995)

I Remember - Judy Cole
A lesson in doing family history. Judy persuades her mother to record her memories from childhood in a notebook. This is the result. West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(3) 11-14 (September 1995)

Protestation return for Harmondsworth
A copy of the actual Harmondsworth Protestation Return, ie those men aged 18 or over, who took the oath at Harmondsworth in 1641/2.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(3) 15-16 (September 1995)

Woodlawn Mission Church, Uxbridge Road, Hanworth: 60th Anniversary - Ted Dunstall
This is an appeal for anyone with a contribution to the church's anniversary to come forward, and provides on overview of the church's first 60 years.
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(3) 17-19 (September 1995)

Legacy of the Chimney Men. The Hearth Tax 1662-89: Part I Background - Richard Chapman
This is a comprehensive account of the introduction of the unpopular Hearth tax, which ran from 1662 to 1689
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(3) 23-31 (September 1995)

The Family Historian's Ten Commandments - Annie Weare
Just a bit of fun
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(4) 9-10 (December 1995)

How my ancestors came to West Middlesex - Douglas Barnes
Douglas adopts a graphical approach to summarise how his ancestors converged on Feltham, Sunbury and Barnes
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(4) 10-13 (December 1995)

Frustrated Researcher - Royston Smith
There is some cautionary advice here about using semi-professional researchers to help you do your family research
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(4) 14-15 (December 1995)

Notting Hill, just passing through? - Peter Gillard
Peter has roots in Notting Hill, which he explains with the use of some old maps of the area
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(4) 18-20 (December 1995)

Legacy of the Chimney Men. The Hearth Tax 1662-89: Part II Records - Richard Chapman
Here Richard focuses on the actual Hearth Tax records, with several examples, and addresses the question of where to go to see the relevant Middlesex records
West Middlesex FHS Journal 13(4) 23-30 (December 1995)

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