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Thursday 16th July was an important date in the Society's calendar. As the coronavirus lockdown continues, and prevents us holding our meetings at St. John's Centre, Isleworth, we have now set up a new programme of talks to be held online using Zoom, and 16th July was our first such meeting. This is how the presentation appears on your computer screen. Janet Few, the presenter, is shown on the right with her powerpoint presentation using the main area. The meeting went extremely well. From 7:30 to 7:45 members were arriving, so that by 7:45 we had 27 members present as well as Janet Few. Chairman Ann Greene then opened the meeting and we had a few introductions of committee members. Then it was on with the talk which was titled 'Sons of the Soil: Tracing your Agricultural Labouring Ancestors'. Timing was impeccable. There were a few questions at the end of the talk, and the meeting closed shortly after 9:00 pm.

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Surname Interests - Our members have registered 750 separate surname interests, but that still amounts to rather a small database of interests when you are hoping to find someone else with a shared interest. Scaling up is what is needed, and that has now happened. To check on surname interests you should now always follow the link on our Surname Interests page to the national database of surname interests maintained by the Family History Federation. This includes some 41,000 registered surname interests from at least 13 contributing family history societies, including us of course.

Our aims
The Society aims to encourage and assist those involved in the study of family history and genealogy in the western part of the ancient English county of Middlesex. See also our Objectives page.

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The website contains much information about the Society, and provides general assistance in providing links to other websites of use to family historians. You may explore the site using the menus above, including to use the Sitemap, where you can see all our pages at a glance.

For example under Research and Indexes you will find pages which tell you which members of the Society hold some of our special assets, Parish Registers, Indexes relating to Places, and other General Indexes.

New members
We are always keen to welcome new members. Benefits of membership include attending our monthly meetings at St. John's Centre in Isleworth, where you can meet like-minded souls, many of whom have been enjoying this hobby for a long while. You will also receive a copy of our Quarterly Journal. Joining instructions may be found on our How to join the Society page. Attending our meetings is free, and you may come as a guest just to see what goes on, if you wish. Cost of membership is a modest £15 per annum.

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Our meetings have resumed, and are open to all, not just those within range of Isleworth. See the Meetings page . On August 20th Kirsty Gray will be giving a talk titled 'A-Z of Victorian Occupations'.

Next Fair

Our attendance at fairs is severely impacted by the coronavirus situation. The next fair still on schedule is not until September.

Next Advice Session

Advice sessions run at Feltham Library have had to be suspended, but advice may be requested by email. See the Advice page.

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See our Access Exchange Journals page. You can now see all issues of the Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador journal.

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