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Sadly Joan Scrivener passed away on the 1st of October. Joan had been a member of the Society for 33 years. In 1972 she set up the printing business of West4 Printers Ltd with Gordon Samuels, and for many years managed the publishing of our Journal. She was always very generous in her support and advice to our editors. She served on the Executive Committee from 1994 to 2000, and rejoined the Committee at the Extraordinary General Meeting in October 2015. Joan was awarded Honorary Membership of the Society in 2014. A full recognition of Joan's contribution to the Society is planned for the March edition of our Journal.

Tip of the month
Did any of your ancestors serve in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF)? If they did then you will likely be able to see their full service record for free. This is an example to see their records for William Dowling Bostock. Google Natonal Archives Australia (gets Enter Bostock (or surname) in the search field. One option is to select Name Search. Then enter family name (Bostock) and Category of Records (Army personnel records). Display results. William Dowling Bostock is the first item listed, and has a digital record. Select it, and there are 46 pages of his army service record. That's a good service thanks.

Our aims
The Society aims to encourage and assist those involved in the study of family history and genealogy in the western part of the ancient English county of Middlesex. See also our Objectives page.

Using this website
The website contains much information about the Society, and provides general assistance in providing links to other websites of use to family historians. You may explore the site using the menus above, including to use the Sitemap, where you can see all our pages at a glance.

For example under Research and Indexes you will find pages which tell you which members of the Society hold some of our special assets, Parish Registers, Indexes relating to Places, and other General Indexes.

New members
We are always keen to welcome new members. Benefits of membership include attending our monthly meetings at Montague Hall in Hounslow, where you can meet like-minded souls, many of whom have been enjoying this hobby for a long while. You will also receive a copy of our Quarterly Journal. Joining instructions may be found on our How to join the Society page. Attending our meetings is free, and you may come as a guest just to see what goes on, if you wish. Cost of membership is a modest £12 per annum.

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Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 17th November 2016 at Montague Hall, Hounslow. Doors open at 7.15 pm. The focus of the meeting will be a talk by David Bright titled War Memorials of the Great War within the Borough of Hounslow.

A Winter Sale

We would like to part with some of our collection of unwanted Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, and over the winter we are reducing the price of these from £3.50 to £2.00. See Unwanted GRO certificates to see if we have any you would wish to buy.

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